Peter Zerzan Bio

The Past

For over a decade, Peter was organizing. He worked in key states pushing just about every progressive cause imaginable. While there was a culture shock for a Bay Area native to live in the midwest, Peter learned key life lessons and how Americans have more in common than they have differences.

The Present

Peter took those experiences and his love of film making to make a short film. Election Night is a story based on his lived experiences as an organizer. Peter hopes to show others why there are those who organize for campaigns and causes.

The Future

Peter has plenty of more stories to tell. He plans on working with others to tell new and original stories for the world to see.


A Short Film By Peter Zerzan

Election Night Short

The Story

Election Night is the story of two organizers, one a veteran, the other a rookie, at a campaign office on Election Night 2018. Alone for the first time, they discuss their hopes, their trials, their regrets, and their fears. It is a story about those who work on campaigns, why people devote their lives to change, why they are so invested in politics.

When I showed this film to a fellow organizer friend, they tried to guess who I based the characters on. This is our story. This is the tale of people who have organized, who have been inspired, and, even after setbacks, keep on fighting. It is a tale of optimism and a belief in a better future, something I don’t think gets shown enough in talking about politics.

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The Cast

Sam Jackson
Brennan Pickman-Thoon
Karen Kahn

Project News

Interview by Vegas Movie Awards

Big thanks to Vegas Movie Awards and Silvia Nittoli for an exciting interview. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

You can view the full interview here .

Film Today Review

Election Nigh was recently reviewed by Film Today and we were thrilled to read it. Thanks for the great review.

View the full review of Election Night here .

Let The Festivals Begin

We are happy to announce that we have submitted our film to the San Francisco Film Festival. Looking forward to participating in this renowned event.

For more information on the San Francisco Film Festival, please check here:

Production Wrapped

This was an amazing project to work on and we thank all members of the cast and crew for their hard work and dedication to bring this vision to life.

Cheers to everyone involved. Now, on to the next step!

The Crew

Peter Zerzan
Writer, Director, Producer
Michael J. Payton
Luis Montoya
Director of Photography
Paulie Anne Duke
Production Designer
David Santamaria
Sarah Kliban
Casting Director
Mayer Adelberg
Sound Mixer
Eric Carbonara
Post Production Sound Design
Rebecca Silvers
Monica Morales
Production Assistant
Sophie Leininger
Production Assistant
Micah Morris
Production Assistant

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